Half-Life’s piano

VR glasses Half Life Alyx

In one of the many areas that can be explored in the game hides a piano It can be played by the player, with the peculiarity that said piano has been completely recreated, so each key responds just as it would in reality. The interesting thing is that thanks to the control system Valve Index, the player’s fingers are released in addition to being recognized separately, so you may already be imagining what causes this.

Pure Mozart

Many users, surprised by the wink introduced by the developers, have not hesitated to demonstrate their musical skills in front of the piano, and the results are very good. Basically because the naturalness with which they play in something that is completely fictitious and that they do not feel to the touch is spectacular. The driver recognition is so good and the positioning so precise, they can perfectly recreate every single note. And the examples that we can find are each more hilarious. It is the case of Lamboman, a youtuber who has uploaded several videos playing different songs, remixing certain parts and achieving very picturesque results.

In this video, for example, you can see how finger detection allows you to press several keys and even rotate the angle of the wrist, so you can see the complexity of the control and how the game perfectly recognizes the movements of the hands and from the fingers. Too bad the recital is so short.

Anyway, as explained by one of the creators of the video, the process is not as easy as it seems, since sometimes it is difficult to hit the right key. Still, we find it incredible the level of detail that can be achieved, not to mention how the developers “have wasted their time” in including this function for fun.

The success of virtual reality?

Although initially the limitation of being able to play Half-Life: Alyx only with virtual reality viewers did not like many users, it seems that the overall experience of all those who have tried it has been magnificent. With more than 17,000 reviews, the reviews of the game are “extremely positive”, so we could say that, in case of launching a new part (not to mention Half-Life 3), it would not be daring to say that Valve will bet again by virtual reality.

And it is that the plot around Half-Life: Alyx It invited to try something daring, since if it did not work, it would have been one more episode of Valve in making its users suffer. But after seeing that the opposite has happened … are you already looking at virtual reality glasses? Remember that we review all the glasses that are compatible with Half-Life: Alyx.