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Guide EBox Android 4.4 System settings


EBOX Android 4.4 System settings

The complete guide for Ebox Android 4.4 version device system settings.

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First, you need to look for Settings option on the device. You may have it on the main screen of the device.  You can also find under apps page on your Ebox device.Once you click settings you can complete setup as per option on it.

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Network –

So in network option, you have the option to connect via WiFi or Ethernet. WiFi. If you want to use WiFi on device so select WiFi and it will refresh the access point available. Now select the WiFi network from the list available and enter the password if any into the green box and connect. Now its connected via WiFi.If you want to use Ethernet on the device so you can select Ethernet option when a cable is connected. If WiFi is selected then please uncheck WiFi option, and select Ethernet.

Display –

When you click Display option so it will be set to HDMI Auto – Detection as per TV and below to it will show the HDMI Output Mode Settings. You can select it to its best resolution by disabling HDMI Auto – detection and then selecting the best output for display of TV from the list. In HDMI output mode settings you can select 4K output if you have a 4K resolution monitor available.Now select the display position on it and if you find display is not fit to TV screen so this is an option you can make it fit by using the up/down key on your Android TV box remote until the black border can be seen on the TV screen.You can change the start screen saver settings here. You should always set this to never.IPVanish VPN

Advanced –

You will find Digital Audio Auto Detection is ON for auto-detection, you can disable this to change the output mode for different audio devices. Once you disable the auto-detection option you can select from the list such as PCM, SPDIF passthrough, HDMI passthrough.

Other –

You need to select More Settings which will bring you to the Android settings screen. You will have access to all Android settings on here including WiFi, Display, Sound, storage, apps etc.A-Apps: Here you can manage apps. You can clear data, Clear cache, force close apps in case of any issues.B – Security Option to allow unknown sources and more.C – Language and input – You can change the language of the device and select any physical keyboard you are using on it and also you can change the pointer speed on it and more.D – Backup & Restore – You can do backup of your Android device settings with your Google account server as WiFi password, App data and other settings and you can do a factory reset of device from here if you have any issues with device and want to do a factory reset so this is option you can use to do a factory reset back to how you received from us.

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Guide Android 4.4 System settings


Detailed Android 4.4 Guide Step by Step instruction for EBOX Devices


Different Devices may have different Settings options

Android 4.4 System settings
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