Guide Airplay Android TV box

Guide How to use Airplay for Smart TV box.

If you want to do screen sharing via your Apple iPhone/iPad for photos/videos on it than you can check our guide Airplay Android-powered TV box or any Android device. Watch streamed media on any TV box

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How to use Airplay On Android TV box

  • Click apps
  • Locate Airplay app
  • Tick start Airplay
  • Go to your Apple iPhone/iPad and you will now select either a photo or video that you wish to display then click the airplay option on the iDevice
  • Complete You can now stream Media from your Apple device to your Android Box.

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Now you can easily share photos/videos from your Apple iPhone / iPad device to your via Airplay option on Apple iPhone/iPad.

Let me introduce you to a great little app found in the EBox device EBOX app. The app is called Airplay and can be found on your app page  If not, you can simply download it from the Google Play Store on a device.

First Airplay

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Full detailed guide

Go to main apps on the device and Now open the Airplay app on your EBox device.

You will see options on it as Target Name ( Your device Name ) and below to it Start Airplay option. So you can Start Airplay from option whenever you want to use Airplay to your TV from your iPhone/iPad screen sharing feature or you can also select Automatically Start option for the app to run always when a device is turned on.

So now simply click on “Start Airplay” and take note of the device name given on it.  In our case, it is Amlogic TV. Please refer to screen below –

Second Airplay

Now go to your Apple iPhone/iPad and you will now select either a photo or video that you wish to display.  In the corner of share options, you will see the symbol below, or one very similar to it.  This is the AirPlay logo.  Tap this, and your image/movie and it will start display on your TV big screen.TV streaming, Gaming, movies, and more pretty slick!



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