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Elon Musk wants rockets to replace airplanes on long journeys

Elon Musk, CEO of Space X and Tesla, spoke today at the International Astronautical Congress about...

8 settings that enhance the user experience with Android phones

Settings that change your experience with an Android mobile With the excitement of releasing a new phone, it is usual to skip certain configuration steps...

Xiaomi solves one of the biggest problems with your security cameras!

Whoever is thinking about installing security cameras at home, it is more than obvious that they...

Google is already promoting YouTube Music in music searches

When you search for music on Google, the search engine returns you quick results, including options...

GTA Online reveals its new expansion: Hitting Cayo Perico

An island to dominate

The proposal of this update is to take us to a paradisiacal island, Cayo Perico, where the most famous drug trafficker in the world has established his headquarters. Your mission will be none other than to access the drug dealer’s domains and take down his personal army, since, if you do it right, you will be able to obtain treasures of all kinds and money, a lot of money.

For this adventure you can go as a team with up to three other players or completely alone, so it will be up to you to organize the raid, in command plan or as an elite spy. Of course, you can also decide whether to do everything with the greatest care or enter like an elephant through a china shop and kill everyone who crosses your path.

The largest expansion ever created

From Rockstar they assure that this is one of the largest expansions ever created, and it is quite interesting to see that it is an island, since it could be a nod to Fortnite. Be that as it may, this very interesting expansion also sounds like a final degree project, since many hope to finally know the new GTA VI now that the new next generation consoles are already in stores around the world.

Is this a goodbye until GTA VI?

At the moment we do not know how important this update will be within Rockstar’s plans, but considering that it is a very large, important and especially striking expansion, it seems that the studios have wanted to launch something in style. Farewell? Who knows, although surely more than one would pay for it to be the case, and there is a lot of desire for GTA VI.

When will it be possible to play in Cayo Perico?

At the moment Rockstar has not given many more details beyond the presentation video of the new expansion, so we will have to continue waiting until next December 15 to know everything that this new download will bring that will further enlarge the virtual world of GTA Online.

It will be that day when we can finally play and land in Cayo Perico, so you better go selecting a squad, because the facilities seem to be a real fort.


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