GPD Q9 quad Core Game consoles, a device full of potential

The GPD Q9 QUAD CORE GAME CONSOLES 4.4.4 1080P 7″ RK3288 is a unique device that provides the user with more things than gaming. Through this amazing gamepad you have the chance to watch movies, play games, stream movies, stream live TV, surf the Internet, use Kodi, use Netflix and do many more things. The Q9 Gamepad is suitable for those that are demanding and want to buy only the most useful and interesting products.

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GPD Q9 Features:

  • Android 4.4 OS
  • 7 inch 1024*600 IPS capacitive touchscreen
  • Rockchip RK3288 Quad Core 1.8GHz
  • Mali-T764 GPU, fully compatible with APK
  • Supports HD 3D (1024*600) Android APK 3D games
  • Supports Flash 11 and Flash online games
  • Supports full-screen touch games, gravity sensor direction games, web multi-player games
  • Supports Android Gravity and Touch games, Arcade games.
  • games, Nintendo FC and SEGA MD games and SONY PS games etc

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With high performance and a battery that can last up to  7 hours without charging, Q9 Gamepad is an ideal console to carry with you when you are outside the home. If you want to kill the boredom this awesome handheld device shall travel you to amazing places you want, making your time funnier with the massive amount of entertainment choices it has. You can enjoy so many games with it that the only problem will be which game to play first. If you don’t want to play a game there is no problem because you can watch the program and movie you like.

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Visit our store and buy this console with only  £124.99 and a full 1-year warranty.

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