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Gotham Fox series will feature Joker and Batman featured in subsequent episodes

Gotham Batman FOX Joker Series
Gotham series has already revealed some of the new Batman and Joker

Gotham It's a series that has received a lot of attention lately. Already in the fourth season of the same, the title of Fox has been stressing a growing in terms of plot. Batman, Penguin and Joker, among others.

In fact, those are just some of the characters that have so thrilled the audience watching the show. That is, some of them have not even fully manifested, such as the hero played by Bruce Wayne. However, Penguin and Riddler have already shown what they are capable of.

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In fact, a few days from the new episode of the week, Gotham leaves even more curiosity in the air, the result of preview from the 17th episode of the current season. Just a few from finishing the fourth season, much is still expected of the series.

Batman, Joker and many others will be even more the focus of the series. Gotham from Fox!

And, it seems, it will be Jerome, the next Joker (apparently), to take the lead. Of course this will be shared with Jim and Bruce (through Batman). However, the villain will be the main represented.

Six episodes of its completion, the Gotham remains a comeback series with a fifth and subsequent season. At least, that indicates it.

However, such continuity will always depend on what Fox perceives as income from such a decision. From IMDb and similar ratings, its popularity is relatively high and fans ask more. But that is not always enough.

Either way, we'll have to wait for the next episode and for Fox's statements to figure out what will happen. So stay tuned for news here at EBox.pt. This way you will not miss any detail about this and other topics spoken in UK’s.

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