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Sony is one of the missing companies in the mobile world, but it is also one...

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You can now preorder an Xbox Series X or Series S on Amazon (run!)

Xbox Series X pre-orders at Amazon Although the consoles were already available to reserve in the official Microsoft store, the Microsoft Store, it was not...

Gotham – Fox confirmed Joker, Penguin and Batman return in March

Gotham Fox Joker Penguin Batman
Fox's Gotham will return with Batman, Penguin and Joker

With the unfolding of the series, Gotham has become much more appealing to the viewer than in the beginning. Theoretically, this will continue with the second part of season four.

Gotham's last episode marked the culmination of several events including Jerome – the next Joker -, Penguin and Bruce – yet pre Batman In addition, there have been numerous events that have made this episode peculiar.

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Well, when will the Fox series come back anyway? Well, according to the same, Jerome and Penguin will be back in action on March 1, so it will be a little over a month before the Last from wednesday season

Batman, Joker and Penguin and not only …

As always, Jim will have a lot of work, especially with Sofia, who finally revealed the person he really is and who, on the other hand, has Victor as his ally.

Likewise, Barbara will have a new role, more eccentric than the previous one, and she wonders how Bruce will go without Alfred. Well, what matters is that Fox has already said that the series will return to the small screen, be it television, computer or tablet.

So, considering that there are still a few episodes left for fans to think about a fifth season, March, April and May will undoubtedly be a pretty good month for those who like Gotham City and all its adventures.

… will be back in March with Gotham! Thank you Fox!

Jim and Bruce will not have an easy life, in fact, never had. Penguin and the "new" Joker will force the GCPD Chief and little Batman to rethink how they will make their living, assuming the first two will not want to. same Gotham the last two.

See the preview of the next episode at the end of the article.

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