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GoPro Hero 9, is it worth it as a camera for vlogging?

GoPro Hero 9 is it good for vlogging?

GoPro Hero 9

Using a GoPro camera as a vlogging camera is nothing new. For years the previous models have been used for all these types of uses. Hence, many accessories such as cages and a series of accessories emerged that improved the experience and results. And, in case you didn’t know, for some models there are even lenses that you can interchange with the one that comes standard to have different focal lengths and frankly striking results.

However, after seeing the new Hero 9 is when some have wondered if now this could be the best choice as a camera for vlogging. And this is interesting, because this year we have seen very attractive proposals for these topics. On the one hand, there are the attractive Sony ZV-1, Lumix G100 and Canon G7 X III that are specially designed for this, and then other advanced options that by size could also give a lot of play without sacrificing the portability and comfort that is sought for this type. of cameras. For example, with the recently introduced Sony A7C and the Lumix S5.

Why the Hero 9 can be a great vlogging camera. Let’s see the reasons.

The form factor

Being a very small camera it is always a positive point. After all, one of the main requirements of any vlogging camera is that it is comfortable to carry around. So, in that sense the Hero 9 is more than enough, because it fits perfectly in a pocket and does not bother.

Front screen

In this Hero 9 one of the great novelties has been the front screen. With it, it is now much easier to self-record because at all times you are seeing whether or not you are perfectly framed. Something that you could not before and although it was not difficult to stay within the plane, now it is much better.

Wide angle lens

GoPro Hero 9

When you vlog, it is normal for the camera to be held directly with your hand and, at most, use a small tripod like the Gorilla Pod or Pixi from Manfrottto. This limits the distance and if the lens does not offer a lens wide enough the resulting plane is very closed. With the Hero this does not happen and in case you want something more closed you can use the settings that apply some clipping to the sensor to go from a more fisheye image to a more linear one.


He GoPro stabilization system, Hypersmooth, has been shown to work very well. But in this last Hero 9 it does it in an outstanding way thanks to a higher resolution sensor, with which you can cut much more without losing quality and have a super stable image. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the video of our analysis with the recording example where the camera is mounted on a remote control car.

Longer battery life

The new batteries in the Hero 9 offer up to half an hour more recording at 1080p resolution. So, you have more time to capture material for your vlogs.

TimeWarpd, LiveBurst and other modes

Lastly, the remnants of modes that GoPro offers can give you a lot of options on a creative level when you’re vlogging. For example, you can make timelapses, slow cameras, etc., with which to generate a b-roll material so when you are editing you can give context to the story you want to tell.

Turn the GoPro Hero 9 into a vlogging camera

For all this, taking into account the quality jump and the improvements introduced, the GoPro Hero 9 is a very good option if you are looking for a super compact camera with sufficient quality for your videos in vlog format.

Of course, if you want to go further, as always, you can purchase certain additional accessories that improve the results. You will especially notice the improvements in terms of sound, comfort of use and in low light situations which is where most cameras with a small sensor tend to suffer the most.

Some of the most interesting accessories that you can buy right now to use the GoPro Hero 9 as a vlogging camera are:

  • Multimedia accessory for GoPro Hero 9, This official accessory is the new version for the recently presented Hero 9 and it is like a cage that, connected to the USB C connection of the camera itself, adds an external microphone that offers higher sound quality. This is necessary, because although the sound of the internal mics is not bad, it is true that they can pick up too much external noise, with this problem, this problem is reduced and the noise produced by the wind impacting is also alleviated a bit. about them. Also, add two shoes so that you can use other accessories such as small LED spotlights for times when the lighting is insufficient or directly null.
  • Super wide lens. There is also a new and official lens from GoPro that allows you to obtain a greater angle of view as we told you in the camera review. Max Lens Mod is the official name and can be interesting when it comes to vlogging. Of course, when using stabilization you should know that the maximum resolution will be 2.7K at 60p.
  • External microphone adapter for GoPro. If you prefer to mount your own rig For vlogging with the GoPro, then this accessory is essential as it allows you to connect any external microphone with a 3.5mm Jack connection.
  • Aputure AL-MC is an interesting LED spotlight that will not only allow you to enjoy more light when you need it and soften it thanks to its included diffuser accessory, it is also an RGB light with multiple effects that can be controlled via the app from your smartphone and that includes an imaging system to fix it on metal objects. It even offers wireless charging. It gives a lot of play.
  • GorillaPod 500 Action version of the classic JOBY mini tripods for action cameras. This can be used directly with the tabs included in the GoPro and thanks to its flexible legs you can place the camera wherever you need it.

With these accessories the GoPro Hero 9 becomes a very interesting camera for vlogging subjects. A proposal that, again, after seeing the results in our video analysis and that we leave you below, makes it worth considering.

In addition, its resistance to water, dust and even more than one fall or blow is another positive point. Because you could vlog with your smartphone, but if it falls or something similar it can annoy you much more. Not to mention that the preset modes help you change the settings quickly according to what you want to record.

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