GoPro Hero 9: video analysis

The usual GoPro

GoPro Hero 9

This Hero 9 arrives with a slightly larger body than normal, and the fault lies with several factors. On the one hand, we have a full-color front screen, which will serve to preview the image while we are recording ourselves. Do you remember the DJI action camera model that we were able to analyze a few months ago? It is clear that someone has put the batteries to GoPro.

More battery

GoPro Hero 9

The result is a body that continues to offer the same sensations as always, with a touch screen on its back that is also slightly larger than previously seen. This increase in body has served to make room for a larger battery, now offering 30% more capacity with 1,720 mAh.

To give you an idea, with it we can record half an hour more at 1080p. It may not be a particularly noticeable change, but when you’re using the camera it shows.

New image sensor

GoPro Hero 9

Continuing with the hardware news, we cannot ignore the most significant change, and that is that practically marks a new generation. After several years using a 12 megapixel sensor, this Hero 9 It now uses a new 23.6 megapixel sensor, with which to record 5K videos and take 20 megapixel photos (14.7 if we capture the photo while making the video).

As always, we will have a lens that spans about 135 degree view, more than enough to cover everything from a fairly broad perspective. However, if we activate the new Boost stabilization system, a rather aggressive crop will be applied to the image that will make us lose this great vision.

Replaceable lens protector

GoPro Hero 9

Fortunately, the manufacturer has included a system of replaceable glass, which will allow us to remove the front glass in case of breakage, and also replace it with a new 155 degree lens that will arrive as an accessory in October for 99.99 euros. This lens, called Max Lens Mod, will allow recording at 2.7K at 60 images per second without distortion.

After seeing all the new hardware, what do we find on the software level? There are changes?

Many changes in the software

GoPro Hero 9

This is where the interesting thing comes in, since many functions have been included that will allow you to have everything tied up when recording that impossible jump that you intend to make.

GoPro has used a lot of English terms and super cools to define its new functions, but I am going to explain them to you quickly so that you understand them:

  • On the one hand, we have the HyperSmooth 3.0. The stabilizer of all life. Now improved (exclusive to Hero 9) and boosted with the Boost, which translates as an aggressive crop in the image to complete is stabilize butt. It works perfectly and works even at 5K resolution.
  • TimeWarp 3.0. In English it’s Speed ​​Ramp, and it’s kind of like an improved fast-motion mode. It offers us to be able to stop time, or rather reduce it, since while we are making a fast-camera video, we will only have to touch the screen so that the video begins to capture in real time with sound included. Imagine that you are doing a walk along a very long path, you record the whole process in fast motion, but just when you see an animal is when you want everything to be recorded normally. Well that’s where you would use this function.
  • Alignment with the horizon: An extremely interesting function that digitally stabilizes the lens to keep the horizon stable at all times. This offers very clean, dizziness-free shots that look really good.
  • Hindsight It is the function that allows you to record before pressing the record button. It’s a super useful buffer for times when you don’t know when something is going to happen that you are expecting to happen. You can select between 15 or 30 seconds of pre-recording. It doesn’t matter when you press the shutter button, now you will be able to capture the moment yes or yes.
  • Scheduled capture: Are you too lazy to set your alarm clock to capture that spectacular sunrise? Rest assured, the Hero 9 will do it for you. Just tell her when to start recording or when to turn off so she can do it by herself.
  • Liveburst they are prerecorded bursts. If you want to take a photo in a quick instant, activate this function so that it captures 1.5 seconds before and after pressing the button. The result is a 3-second burst in which you can choose the best photo, or also export a 3-second video in 4K format.
  • Record controlling time: Video mode now includes the possibility of defining the recording time, being able to choose between several defined times per seconds, 1, 2 or 3 hours or indefinite so that you never stop recording.

Many options, chaos in the menus?

GoPro Hero 9

This is where GoPro has included 4 presets With which to go to shot done when you want to record something. A quick video to share online? Standard recording. Something more serious to use in videos? Cinematic mode. The menu allows you to create and edit up to 10 preset modes per capture mode, giving you complete freedom to create settings for whatever you have in mind.

In addition, when recording we will have 4 customizable shortcuts, so we can activate or deactivate the functions that we are most interested in having at hand.

We have seen the options for the adventurer profile, the filmmaker, the vlogger… what about streamers? Now with the webcam option we can use the GoPro as a webcam through the USB port. It will capture video at 1080p and with an angle of up to 135 degrees of view. In addition, the camera will be able to broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, the GoPro portal or any other RTMP signal.

The best action camera on the market

GoPro Hero 9

In short, this is a GoPro that has managed to improve very interesting aspects to obtain the best recording quality. In addition, its novelties at the hardware level make it even more powerful compared to previous generations, and although it is probably not a mandatory purchase for those who already have a Hero 7 or a Hero 8, if you are looking for an action camera, this is the one. best camera you can buy right now.

And to top it off, the GoPro Hero 9 comes with a really striking price, since although it has a label of 479 euros and 599 euros for the camera and the complete pack (extra battery, grip, 32 GB microSD and accessories) respectively, the manufacturer is offering a discount of 100 euros if you purchase the camera through its website, so the final price remains at an unbeatable figure today.