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Google. YouTube won't let you get ahead of ads

YouTube Ads 4gnews Google Ads
Google. YouTube will force you to watch ads until the end

Yeah, it looks like ads on Google's video platform – YouTube – are going to change once again. This is one of the most debated points in recent times. As one of the main monetization tools for creators, it is also one of the most annoying users.

After introducing the required view units in a very controversial way, new changes are about to arrive. YouTube wants to make its best tools available to its partners so they can make more money. This may require your display ads to become the only ads you'll see.

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The company recently posted a new video on its official account. Creator Insider, where the various changes that will take effect over the next few weeks have been revealed.

With a very appealing title for creators – "Want to make more money from ad revenue?" – It certainly won't be that appealing to your visitors.

"Required ads" on YouTube may be the only ads you'll see …

According to the information revealed, within a few weeks, various changes in creator access to various types of ads may dictate the end of the ads we may pass on.

During the video, it is explained that they will have a timeout. Although the limit has not been revealed, this option seems to be quite reasonable, avoiding "riots" by users.

As might be expected, advertisers are willing to pay Google more money for blocks that are required to be viewed. That's why, with these ads, content creators will be able to generate more revenue. What's more, this is the type of advertising that has the highest conversion rate. Offering even more business opportunities to Google.

So far, they were only available for a select list of YouTubers, but that will change. Once these changes are applied, any user who has the option to monetize videos will have access to this type of advertising.

Finally, it seems that once these changes are implemented, "mandatory ads" will be selected by default. Therefore, if YouTubers want to continue running traditional ads, they will have to change the options manually.

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