Google believes that with the expansion of smartphones around the world, it needs to take care of its operating system more than ever. Therefore, a company department called “GameSnacks” is working on ways to bring online games to devices with less power.

Entry smartphones, for example, can be cheaper and perfect for little things. However, when you install games on your smartphone, your smartphone simply cannot cope in the best possible way. Mainly due to its lack of power.

Smartphones will have lighter games and faster connections

google gaming smartphones

Thinking about it, Google decided to try to solve the problem and give developers more possibilities to take their games to more users.

The goal is to “make HTML5 games more accessible to the world”. Whether they are for Android, iOS or even computer. “Unfortunately, many games (especially games on the web) do not load well on low memory devices and 2G or 3G networks that hundreds of millions of people trust“- referred to GameSnacks.

New platform is already being tested

Google has already implemented some games on this new platform. You have the example of the game “Tower” that you can see here. This game loads easily and quickly on smartphones or devices with low memory.

With this new configuration the game manages to download from 12 seconds of loading to 4 seconds in situations where the smartphone has only 1GB of RAM and the internet connection is 2G.

Are you a developer? You can now participate in the implementation of the tool

So, if you are one of the millions of developers around the world, take a close look at the program. You can now ask Google to join the new platform. One thing is certain, your game will take on another life. Especially in places where the internet is bad and entry-level smartphones are the most sold.

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