Google will take longer to review an app before placing it in the Play Store

Google will take longer to review an app before placing it in the Play Store

Google is informing developers that it will take longer to approve an app before it becomes available on the Play Store. With this new method, the US company hopes to improve the security of all Android users.

A new message is being sent to developers when they submit their creations on the Play Store. In this message, Google advises that the application approval process that has been submitted may take some time.

Already on the company's support page, it is said that approval times may vary from developer to developer. By not specifying which criteria will influence review times, Google reports that this process may now take up to three days.

User safety is Google's justification

The recent malicious app scandals on the Play Store appear to be finally having an effect on the app approval process. Any developer can put their creations in the official Google store, but now they'll have more rigorous screening before they're accessible to the world.

By taking longer to review an app, Google expects to be able to mislead apps that have harmful purposes. This way, the US company hopes to be able to increase the security of Android users.

Just yesterday we introduced you to a batch of 85 apps that Google removed from its official store. All because they abused the ads. That is, somehow these apps have managed to pass Google's review, reach the Play Store and be downloaded by multiple users.

This is just one example of the bad screening work Google has been doing in approving Play Store apps. We hope that this new and more time consuming process will have practical results and not just "fire of sight".

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