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Attention! If you have Firefox on your computer, upgrade to the new version now!

This kind of situation has happened much more often than would be desired with virtually all...

Realme caught using iPhone in presentation, after cheating on AnTuTu

The young brand Realme does not live the easiest days when it comes to credibility. ...

Samsung officially introduces the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50

The density of rumors that have been heard lately already predicted this scenario. If big media...

ARM announces ARMv9 chip architecture, 1st since 2011

ARM has just introduced the latest processor architecture ARMv9 with important improvements compared to the ARMv8...

Google will solve one of the biggest problems of Google Chrome!

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. It is certainly not hard to imagine that Google will do everything to ensure that its popularity does not follow the example of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

As such, Google Chrome will implement a feature that will finally solve the annoying notifications of the websites you visit.

Website notifications will be blocked by default in Google Chrome

When you go to a website that has notifications (such as EBox) you get a popup asking if you want to enable notifications for the website.

However, sometimes the word “no” is more recurrent than yes. We understand that not everyone who visits us wants to have technology notifications for example.

Therefore, if your habit is to put “no” in website notifications, Google Chrome will assume that feature in your browser.

When you go to a website with active notifications, instead of having a popup asking if you want to enable them, you will have information that has been disabled and that you can change the feature in a small popup that disappears within seconds.

When will the feature come to your Google Chrome

Google Chrome

There are no concrete dates yet for the new feature to arrive in Google Chrome. For now the feature is only available to some Beta users.

However, this is a problem that Google is committed to solving. And truth be told, these days all websites want our attention.

Notifications are a gift if you like the theme of the website, but if you unintentionally activate them, it can be a nightmare. EBox notifications are dedicated to technology news and theme lovers. If you are not one of those, do not activate them and see you whenever you need to know something new about the technological world. If you are an avid consumer of such information, you will love our notifications.

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Huawei blames US for current component shortages

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