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Google will have an Android development center in UK

Google Assistant Go Google Play Store Android Google Assistant Go Google Play Store oeirasAfter a few months of uncertainty, RTP advances, based on information from Lusa agency that Google will implement a new center in UK. This center of development of the operating system for mobile devices, your Android, located in Oeiras.

After the early 2018 US technology expressed its desire to implement in UK, the exact contours were not known. Now, it was Google's own vice president for global affairs that clarified the whole issue.

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Kent Walker, vice president of Google, responsible for international affairs assured that in UK we will have a unit for training and development of Android. This is the current operating system of US technology and is already in its 8th version, the Oreo.

The announcement was made alongside the Prime Minister of UK, ending the debate over Google's intentions for UK. Moreover, with this decision about a thousand jobs can be created of work in our country.

Oeiras will host Google's new center in UK

The technological multinational, Google, thus confirms its interest in UK, being the announcement made before António Costa. Indeed, taking advantage of the UK’s Prime Minister's visit to Google's Mountain View headquarters in the famous Silicon Valley, Kent Walker clarified the outlines of the investment in UK. In Oeiras, from the end of 2018, we will have a new center for training and development of the Android operating system.Google Portugal center Android Oreo Android P Google oeiras

Right now there are 1000 job openings at Android's new training center – and later development. It is an incredible bet for our country, besides the job opportunity for 1 thousand citizens.

The project starts from the end of 2018 in the city of Oeiras, Centro region. Now, according to the manager of the North American multinational, its function is defined. Whereas in a first phase the emphasis will be on the training of professionals.

As soon as possible the focus will be on the development of what is the most popular operating system in the world. Note that this is just the first step and first serious investment of technology in UK.

UK is one of Europe's leading digital economy countries – Kent Walker

“Our appreciation is that UK is one of the leading countries of the digital economy in Europe. We want to continue supporting the UK’s Government's efforts to develop the digitization of its economy, ”says Kent Walker in a statement to Lusa.

The Google manager said he still had "a serious and very constructive conversation" with the UK’s delegation visiting the company headquarters responsible for Android.

Google will have Android development center in UK

António Costa is accompanied by the Ministers of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral. We also have the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor. In addition to the Secretary of State for Internationalization, Eurico Brilhante Dias.

“Now the announcement of the creation of this pilot academy for Android-based application development is extremely important. The application industry is worth millions upon millions of dollars. Or euros in the global market, ”Costa told Lusa.

It is an important milestone for UK that from now on will have a say in the Android operating system. Subject that we will follow with special attention in EBox.

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