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RIP Google+: In April says goodbye to social network that has never been

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Oppo patents smartphone with Li-Fi technology! Understand what it means

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Google wants to turn YouTube into a store. But YouTubers won’t like it!

According to information published by the well-known Bloomberg website, Google has plans to transform YouTube into an online store. Although the information was confirmed by sources close to YouTube, not many details were revealed. However, it seems very difficult for Google to be able to implement a platform that leaves YouTubers really satisfied.

Currently, you can find large thousands of YouTubers conducting reviews, comparisons and unboxings of products from the most varied markets in their channels. Considering that these are overwhelmingly available for purchase, Google wants to make it possible to make your purchase directly on YouTube.

YouTube Google online store

So far, content creators have used various affiliate platforms and links positioned in the description of the videos to monetize their content. One of the most popular platforms is Amazon, the largest online shopping platform in the world.

Google will need to invest a lot of money to convince content creators

For now, we know that YouTube has already started testing some tools so that creators can tag various products that appear in their videos. With these tools, they will be able to create a vast library of products, and then link them to online shopping platforms.

In addition, the Shopify integration test was confirmed, which could considerably facilitate the sale of products directly from YouTube.

However, for content creators to really gain from this new Google strategy, it would have to be the company that markets the products. If this does not happen, in order to be able to profit from the new “online shopping” tool when forwarding products from other platforms, they will have to charge a commission.

That way, content creators will need to share an affiliate commission that until now was exclusively for them. Even the integration of Shopify seems to bring little benefit to YouTubers. There are currently many who sell their own products through websites (often created on Shopify), advertising their store in the comments of the videos.

Even though the integration of Shopify will considerably facilitate the promotion and the entire purchase process, Google is guaranteed to charge a fee on all sales, thus reducing the margins of YouTubers.

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