Google wants to improve Android TV with new measure. But it will be worth little!

Google wants to improve Android TV with new measure. But it will be worth little!

Android TV Boxes

Google is about to implement new measures for devices running its Android TV system. In order to greatly improve the user experience, it will implement standardized minimums for the hardware performance of these devices.

Over the last few years, the Android TV box market has been growing incredibly, with an incredible amount of offers coming into this segment. However, the company's plans may not be able to achieve exactly the expected results.

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Although this market has grown exponentially over the last few years, most of the devices sold are "Android TV Boxes" and not "Android TV Boxes".

But what is the difference between these two types of pits?

For less-informed users who are just looking for the perfect gadget to turn their ordinary television into a smart TV, the differences may go completely unnoticed. Especially since manufacturers often create a purposeful mess through product descriptions.

An Android TV box is a multimedia device that comes with the "Android TV" operating system. Being developed by Google especially for use on televisions. This system makes available to the user a wide range of applications optimized for multimedia consumption on television, as well as an easy and intuitive interface to navigate. It also gives you access to the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, we have the TV boxes with the Android system. These are the most common "magic boxes", most of which come with more attractive prices. However, the most affordable ones also have lower specifications.

For these products, the Android TV system is not present, but a custom version of the normal Android. In almost standard form, these Android boxes come with Kodi installed at the factory, being the application most sought after by users. If you don't know what Kodi is, pass in this article where we briefly explain what it is, and what it is for!

Kodi Android TV Smart TV 4gnews

What is the purpose of these measures? Will they have a big impact on the market?

The Android TV operating system has had a hard time catching the attention of developers. Although its market share increased considerably during 2018. It still has difficulty in attracting developers developing apps dedicated to Android TV.

As stated by the Android Headlines, with these measures, Google aims to ensure homogeneous performance across all devices running its system. Therefore, it believes that its evolution will be more consistent, and that the developers will come to see Android TV as a more interesting platform.

However, as far as popular Android TV boxes are concerned, they will not be affected by these measures. Since they only come with custom versions of traditional Android, you won't need to comply with these new measures. Therefore, Google's new implementations are unlikely to have a major effect on these devices.

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