Google Voice Assistant running on Android Kodi TV box

Google voice Assistant running on Android Kodi TV box

EBox offers users same experience as Google Home at low-end price with the Q-Box

You may be aware of how here at EBox we like to give our users first-hand knowledge of how to get the best use of their device. Today we will tell you that you can have the same home automation systems as Google Home can offer you at a lower price. If you want to install Google Assistant on your TV box then follow this guide. All this can be Achieved by using our low-cost device Q-box, you will also need to use our S77 Pro remote with this smart device. We have Google Voice Assistant running on Android Kodi TV box Flawlessly. Other voice activated accessories can be used to allow the Q-box to receive voice commands via its Microphone.

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Google Virtual Assistant running an Android-powered TV box

With Google Voice being more and more developed the Appstore is seeing a number of apps appearing that have been developed to work with smart home systems. Apps such as Google Virtual Assist is one of the newest most respondent apps allowing the user to ask it to tell Jokes and a whole lot more voice control other than just how to turn off voice control. Here are 20 best OK Google voice commands. There are more Household Appliances these days that has smart home technology installed in them allowing them to become connected to your smart home hub.

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EBox churns out more ways to interact with your TV box

Ebox is always working behind the scenes to bring you the newest development our team are constantly working on. We see no need to leave out our low-end devices like the Q-box. This is why we chose the Q-box even though it is low end priced it still packs a high-end punch and can rightly so hold its own with other home automation systems. this post proves that Google Voice Assistant running on Android Kodi TV box can work as a low-cost Google Home. The market is seeing Amazon Echo being promoted and competing against Google home in all manner of ad campaigns. Also, check out our T8 V post and we show that a T8 V TV box could be better than the Google Home in some cases. The one thing the Q-box has in common is the Android operating system version 6.1.

Google Assistant IFTTT

Behind the scenes, Entertainment Box is always working on new ways how to interact with your box as our devices are more than just your tv entertainment system. One of the main apps we have been experimenting with has been the Google Assistant Launcher this has opened many avenues for the voice control from your Q-box.Google assistant and Google assist are apps that allow a vast amount of interaction with stand-alone applications. Applications such as Telegram allow you to send a message and also customise the commands you use to activate it. IFTTT is another stand-alone app for Google assistant. We also cover IFTT in our: Create a custom Google Assistant IFTTT recipe, applet for Google Home, Android TV Box post. This will allow you to create custom voice commands to automate your new smart home.

IPVanish VPN

Turn your TV box into your very own Google Voice Assistant

Google assistant has really taken over from Google now which we all know by one of our recent posts, Voice Control of a smart box turned out to allow you basic voice control of your device. Google now allowed you to open apps in your Q-box even as far as sending a short email down to picking a song from your favourite music app. Be prepared to be blown away with Google Assistant and what it can do for your Q-box. As the Q-box is powered by Android 6.0 it means the Q-box measures up to the standard requirements needed to run Google assistant. The technology that operates Google home is the very same Google assistant technology. If you have ever seen the advertisements for Google home this will give you some idea what you can command your Q-box to do using voice commands.

Q-box has a sense of humour using Google Voice Assistant, Laugh's at Google Home Speaker as it matches capabilities 

All the usual applications from Google can be used with Google Assistant turning your Q-box into a home automation hub. We have been able to ask for jokes to be told they are maybe not the funniest but they were jokes relayed to us from a female voice with a calm tone. Looking through the list of available options is quite daunting and too much to relay back our advice on this would be to check this out for yourselves.

All you need to know to begin using a TV box as your Google Voice Assistant

  • Apps best used for Voice control along with your Q-box & Q-box lite we recommend are listed below.
  • Google Assistant
  • TalkBack for Google
  • Google Home App Version 6.13 or higher needed.
  • Google Launcher not a requirement but helpful for first-time users.

To get the best use of Google Assistant your system requirements are as follows.

  • Android 6.0 or higher
  • Google App 6.13 or higher
  • Google play services
  • 1.5gb memory and 720p screen resolutions
  • Set the devices compatible language requirements.

EBox playtime as team works on projects to bring users Google Home theme using A TV box

Entertainment Box has had great fun in putting together this post for you. And we know that our users shall too. We feel that in this category rather than EBox giving you the method. We used step by step it was better to give you just the basic start tools. This will allow users to build up their own setup and tailor the apps. That most to suit their individual needs. The S77-Pro remote is the perfect choice for use with our Q-box as it has everything you shall need. Not only does it have the Microphone but full Qwerty Keyboard for any web address that you need to input.

Final thoughts

The staff here at Ebox has had great fun experimenting with the Q-box. Sending each other text messages e-mails and open up chats on selected apps. We trust our customers shall have the same experience when they set up their Q-box. As it is overwhelming how far the Q-box responds to all the tasks we put it through. Check out some of our videos on YouTube or If you have not joined up to our mailing list do so now or follow us on one of our Social Media Platforms Like Twitter or follow us on Facebook





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