Google unveiled the new Google TV service in its presentation of the Google Pixel and the new Chromecast a few days ago. This new service is an authentic hub of streaming services that will help you to quickly choose what you want to see without having to jump from side to side.

Although at the time of presentation, Google did not mention how much the new service would reach users, it seems that the American company has already made a decision and started launching the update for some users.

Only a few users have Google TV

Google TV

The new update to Google Play Movies brings Google TV. That is, the only application you need to have on your phone is Play Movies.

It appears that Google will update this application as Google TV. There is a possibility to download the APK from Google TV, however, it seems that it does not work for all users.

Even downloading the Google TV app, we still see the Play Movies app. That is, it is possible that Google is launching its new Google TV in only a few markets.

The services you can see on Google TV in UK

Google TV

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney +
  • HBO Go
  • Netflix
  • YouTube TV

The services are more in the United States, however, it is expected that as soon as it arrives in UK, Google TV will have the implementation of these applications.

That is, the goal is to be able to see the Netflix and Amazon Prime series in one place. A hub we have long needed. You no longer need to know where to stream the new series you want to see so much.

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