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Android 11: bug is making users furious and Google does nothing!

Although the vast majority of smartphones are still awaiting the arrival of the update for Android...

Clear Cache EBox MC ( EBMC ) or KODI guide

HOW TO CLEAR CACHE EBox MC ( EBMC ) OR KODI GUIDE. Categories: How to guides, Kodi XBMC SPMC EBMC Are you running out of space on the...

Android 11 Go Edition will bring incredible features to budget smartphones!

Despite continuing to be a segment that does not have much prominence, thanks to the humble...

The mythical Telesketch can now draw perfect circles

The new Telesketch for 2020 With more than 60 years behind him, the Telesketch is willing to live a new youth. That is what they...

Google TV is in trouble when it stops supporting Netflix content!

The new Google TV interface, which debuted with the launch of the new Chromecast, presented itself as a potential permanent replacement for Android TV. Its main objective is to be able to offer a unique user experience, by being able to aggregate all your streaming services in one place, offering personalized recommendations compiling the information of all of them in one place.

However, its arrival is now even more controversial, as it loses access to Netflix content. It is not yet known what caused this disappearance, but Google TV has lost all access to content on the most popular streaming platform today, an absence that could destroy all your ambitions.

Google TV Netflix

It is important to note that it is still possible to access Netflix through your application. However, its absence from the Google TV recommendations and research platform ends up destroying its promise of a unique user experience.

Possible battle of giants in sight, Google and Netflix seem to be at war!

It has not yet been possible to find an official explanation for why Google TV will no longer fully support Netflix. However, Google revealed to the 9to5Google website that its “main objective is to bring the best search and discovery features among all your subscriptions”.

They also advanced that they work individually with each of their partners, making the level of integration vary between the various services. So, considering that services like Disney +, HBO Max, Hulu and others are still available, it is possible that Google and Netflix have come into conflict.

Rumors have begun to circulate that Netflix could be preparing to launch its own accessory to compete with the Chromecast with Google TV, but that seems an unlikely scenario.

Regardless of the reasons that led Netflix to prevent the integration of its content on Google TV, hopefully both companies will be able to reach an agreement soon.


Do you have Netflix? See how to get the most out of the service and see even more series and movies

Netflix has been present in UK for many years, continuing to grow every year conquering more and more users. However, many are unaware that in UK, only a fraction of the content of the streaming service catalog is available.

For example, in the United States more than 4,300 films and 2,200 series are available, while in UK we are restricted to only 2,500 films and 1,600 series.

See here how you can get the most out of your Netflix subscription, gaining full access to the service catalog and watching many more series and movies.

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