Google has announced that its Translator for Android application will be able to translate audio in real time. A feature that quickly reminds us of the Pixel 4 and its ability to transcribe, in real time, what someone is saying.

In the case of Google Translate, the idea will be to translate audio files from one language to another instantly. Google stresses that this feature will only work with audio that is captured by the microphone, so pre-recorded files will not be compatible.

Internet connection will be mandatory for real-time translation to work

Another point of extreme relevance put forward by Google is the need for an internet connection. This is because real-time translation will be more complicated to handle than text translation.

Google translator

In addition, Google Translate will be able to evaluate entire sentences while the audio is being captured. This way, you will be able to add punctuation, correct certain words depending on the context and try to correct local accents and dialects.

The technology admits that not everything can be translated without fail when saying that users will receive a correct approximation of what is being said. However, your Artificial Intelligence will help to improve the results obtained over time.

It is also said that Google has already demonstrated the new functionality of the Translator in its offices in San Francisco. However, we have no feedback from this demo session to gauge how assertive the real-time translation will be.

It is not yet known when it will be made available

The technology giant has merely said that real-time translation will arrive “in the future” at the Translator application for Android. This may take weeks or months, so we can only wait for more information.

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