Google Translate brings new life to the way you learn a language

Google Translate brings new life to the way you learn a language

Applications like Google Translate make our lives a lot easier today. If it was difficult to learn a new language or travel before and not have a translation at hand, these types of applications make the difference.

That's why features like the Phrase List is so important. This allows us to save phrases in Google Translate so we can refer to them later.

This feature will get even better as you will be implementing 'memory cards'. As you can see from the Gif below, the idea is that you can have access to your list of card phrases.

It will be possible to shuffle the cards to make them more intuitive

When you flip the card, you have access to the translation. This feature will also let you shuffle cards so that it is more fun if you want to practice your saved phrases.

The novelty was first discovered by programmer Jane Manchun Wong a few days ago, and now experienced after the teardown of APK by the XDA Developers forum. Please note that it is not yet available in the stable version of the app.

There is no escape: this is a feature that immediately reminds us of Duolingo. This is the quintessential app I use when I want to learn something from a new language. While Duolingo is much more in-depth, this new feature from Google Translate is very welcome.

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