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Google Gboard has a new update and reveals new privacy options

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Ford wants to improve the safety of cyclists with emojis and this jacket

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NASA's Lander 'InSight' lands on Mars and has sent us two photos

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Google Translate already takes advantage of Google's artificial intelligence

Google Offline Translator Artificial IntelligenceThe North American technology that will be established in UK by the end of the year, Google, has been unfolding in advances and applications for AI. For your artificial intelligence and all the algorithms of machine learning. The Google Translate service is the new addition to the range of AI programs.

Indeed, Google in recent years has led the way in innovation in artificial intelligence engines. Since its virtual assistant, present on more than 500 million devices. Even the Android operating system or Google Photos.

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Looking at each and every service of American technology we see one or another form of artificial intelligence. Something that's only possible thanks to the massive servers and information storage centers subservient to the Mountain View company.

Indeed, it is this huge and growing repository of information that feeds the algorithms of machine learning. So that they gradually get to do more and more elaborate tasks with greater reliability and precision.

Google Translate already has Artificial Intelligence

The results are starting to appear every day with artificial intelligence integrating all kinds of hardware. Ultimately benefiting the consumer who can already enjoy a truly intelligent product ecosystem, or at least goes there. Note that all this artificial intelligence has been put to work for Google itself, optimizing thousands of processes. Also saving the company millions of dollars. Now the news of artificial intelligence comes to Google Translate.Google Offline Translator Artificial IntelligenceThanks to the increasingly capable artificial intelligence algorithms, the Google Translate service can also enjoy better results. With increasingly accurate translations as this service also learns.

Artificial intelligence algorithms make translation easier

Little by little the edges are being sharpened and the imperfections corrected with the artificial intelligence algorithms. This is just one of the latest services to "adhere" to one of the most poignant trends in the market.

Now Google Translate is not just faster. You are more reliable with more accurate results and increasingly accurate translations. Right here without the service and the user being connected to the internet. In other words, even offline.Google Translate Offline Artificial Intelligence

Something that arises as a consequence of using more capable mobile platforms / processors in this regard. More and more SoC's already have cores dedicated to artificial intelligence algorithms. Whether to save battery or optimize performance.

Coming to Neural Machine Translation (NMT) for Google Translate

The technology is called neural machine translation (NMT) or neural translation. It was introduced by the company about 2 years ago and has since been gradually developed.

It is now ready to be distributed to users with one of the upcoming service updates. Available for a total of 59 languages. It will be an increasingly useful tool, especially when using it offline in a foreign country, as an example.

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