Google to be investigated by 48 US states for anti-competitive practices

Google to be investigated by 48 US states for anti-competitive practices

Lawyers from 48 states in the United States have announced a massive investigation against Google. This investigation aims to determine once and for all if Google has been practicing illegal anti-competitive tactics in the country.

The research will start by looking at Google's advertising business, which is essentially Google's largest source of revenue. In addition, through the AdSense platform, Google virtually dominates the internet advertising and search system.

This is the kind of domain that research wants to evaluate. Google is also accused of changing search results and rankings to benefit its own services and not properly protecting user information.

Examples of Possible Google Anti-Competition Practices

Recently, the lyrics site Genius accused Google of stealing its content to place in search terms, thus denying valuable site traffic by attributing the search result directly to the page. Of course, fast results satisfy the user but should not be done this way.

Still keeping us in the music business, the Spotify streaming platform isn't happy with Google either. Spotify has repeatedly accused Google of not being transparent to user data and not being 'neutral', giving priority to its music services over Spotify.

This dissatisfaction extends to Apple as well, and the reason is quite clear: Apple and Google own the largest app stores in the world. Therefore, companies that want to have their apps in stores find it unfair to compete with services from store owners.

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