Google Street View imagery already covers 16 million kilometers!

Google Street View imagery already covers 16 million kilometers!

According to CNET, Google and its army of Street View cars have already covered more than 16 million kilometers in captured images. Street View cars have been photographing the streets of civilization for over 10 years, starting the ambitious operation in 2007.

The CNET report adds that Google has already mapped about 98% of the world with Google Earth, an equally impressive feat. This data really shows us how absurd in size the Google database is.

street view
If you see this car on the street, smile! You are being photographed

16 million kilometers is equivalent to about 400 trips around the world (perhaps in 80 days). According to Google Maps Product Director Ethan Russel, image is the keystone of the mapping process and a core part of development.

So 10 years from now, when we look again at Google Maps, Earth, and Street View, we'll probably have even greater coverage of our planet. Google just has to find the lost city of Atlantis.

Google Street View has come a long way

Originally created in 2004, Street View came from the brain of Larry Page, one of Google's founders. At the time, cameras were glued to cars of all shapes and sizes. Even to reach the most inhospitable places, Google used climbers, sheep and camels to get the images they needed.

Larry Page has stepped down as CEO at Alphabet (Google's conglomerate) to be replaced by Sundar Pichai, who already has the same position at Google, ironically.

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