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Google starts testing video tutorials in its Search app

Google starts testing video tutorials in its Search app

Google is constantly improving its services, and its Search is set to receive some interesting news. Technology will now include short video tutorials in its search engine application.

Just below the search box new buttons will start to appear that will give you some relevant instructions. Each of the buttons will serve a different theme that may be essential for some tasks.

Google Search Videos
Image: Android Police

For now, small tutorials are shown for actions such as finding results on Google Search, interacting with Google Assistant, or discovering new topics in Discovery.

Of course these may seem too basic to some, but imagine how important they might be to other users. Think of emerging markets where the transition from conventional to smartphone is expanding

These short video tutorials open the door to countless approaches

The topics that are now being tested may represent the beginning of something more elaborate. In the future, Google may be able to feature a greater diversity of videos.

Chances are many and nothing better that you will have immediate help with the accomplishment of some strange task. More so, being so accessible.

Not everyone has access to this news yet

Reports show that this news is only available to some users / regions. Perfectly acceptable scenario to test a new feature. In the future, more users will start receiving the news.

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