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Google starts sending notifications to 'best apps'

Google starts sending notifications to 'best apps'

One of the members of the AndroidWorld.nl site has begun to receive a new notification type from the Play Store. Through his notification panel, he started being alerted to the best note-taking apps.

Notifications notifications

This same notification appeared on both your Google Pixel 3 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This scenario suggests that these new notifications should be for all users.

After clicking on the notification in question, the user is guided to the "Notifications" section in the Google Play Store. This shows those apps that the American considers to be the best of a certain type.

In this particular case, a list is shown where applications like Dropbox Paper, Evernote or Google Keep appear. As you can see, it is a range of applications related to taking notes on the smartphone.

Method of submitting these notifications is yet to be discovered

So far, it is not yet possible to understand how the notifications to be sent are selected. The user concerned has not searched or installed any such application in recent times.

This suggests that the selection of notifications to be sent is based on parameters outside the user's recent history. Maybe in the future, another kind of apps will start spreading the same way.

Google has announced for some time now that it would notify businesses or applications that it finds beneficial to users. Perhaps this is the latest method adopted by the company for such advertising.

We don't know if these notifications are limited to certain markets.

It is currently difficult to gauge how widespread the sending of these notifications is. So far I have not received any such alerts, so it may be some time before our market has the same treatment.

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