Google Stadia will have details revealed during the summer

Google Stadia will have details revealed during the summer

Google Stadia was one of the most talked about projects earlier this year, being introduced by the Mountain View company as its first subscription service. cloud gaming. That is, users will be able to subscribe to the service and play all their favorite games 'anywhere' and 'any device'.

That was Google's promise, but apart from a little demonstration and promises made on optimum conditions, little else was revealed. Regarding its availability, it was just revealed that Google Stadia would be officially launched later this year.

This summer, three of the wishes you've been asking for will finally be granted: ? Price Reveal? Game Announcements? Launch InfoStay tuned here for more Stadia details coming soon.

– Stadia (@GoogleStadia) May 24, 2019

Now, although no new details have been revealed, Google has confirmed that it will disclose three of the most advance information about Google Stadia: price, games available and release date of.

What information do we know about Google Stadia?

We know it will be a subscription service. gaming, which aims to give you the opportunity to play all your favorite games anywhere and on any device.

It will simultaneously reach the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and also the main European markets. Hopefully UK is included in this list!

At the time of its release, a command specifically designed to work with Google Stadia will be presented. It will have WiFi connection and will most likely have a design very similar to what we are already used to in the vast majority of commands gaming ("over there Xbox"). As for its price, it has not yet been officially revealed. But it is believed that it will not move far from the current prices of the Xbox and PlayStation controls, which are around 50 euros.

Google Stadia Command

There is no doubt that Google aims to achieve the highest adoption rate possible with the launch of Google Stadia. Therefore, you will need to bet on an appealing initial model, be it with the offer of a trial, or simply a price that cannot be resisted. Given that this will be an innovative service, the option for the trial period seems likely.

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