Home Gaming Google Stadia could be faster than consoles, says Google executive

Google Stadia could be faster than consoles, says Google executive

Google Stadia could be faster than consoles, says Google executive

Google is set to launch its streaming gaming service next month. Google Stadia may change the way we look at gaming today, although many are still quite skeptical about the service.

For those who directly compare Stadia to physical consoles, Google has a bold statement. Madj Bakar, vice president of Google Stadia, says the service could become faster than a console in "one or two years."

Google will bet on forecasting your actions

To beat a local console's response speed, Google is working on what it calls "negative latency." To this end, the company is developing a technology that can predict the next actions of players.

As Artificial Intelligence works, Google Stadia will analyze your habits and learn from them. Thus, the service proposes to try to predict what you will do next or even which buttons you will press.

This method of forecasting actions or clicks can be an advantage in some cases, or a disaster in others. In fighting games, for example, this button prediction could ruin a special gulp you want to apply at any given time.

Google Stadia may implement frame rates adaptable

Other news released by Madj Bakar are the plans for the implementation of frame rates adaptable. This, once again, will be designed to minimize latency times as much as possible.

Advantages of Google Stadia

  • You don't need new hardware
  • Games can be played on smartphone, PC, tablet or TV (via Chromecast Ultra)
  • You can leave the game halfway on the phone and stay on the PC
  • You don't need to have a big computer to play with (cloud service)
  • No need to buy the command to be played
  • 4K games at 60fps
  • 5Mbps minimum internet speed
  • Monthly price from 9.99 €

UK is not in Google's plans for Stadia

To our displeasure, UK is not among the first countries to receive Google Stadia. Hopefully in the future, our country can be part of Google's plans.

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