Home Gaming Google Stadia already surprises with Destiny 2's "instant" update!

Google Stadia already surprises with Destiny 2's "instant" update!

Google Stadia already surprises with Destiny 2's "instant" update!

The first cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, remains available in a very limited number of markets. Although it created some controversy during its release, presenting minor bugs and some limitations, it has now revealed one of its great "weapons".

One of the main titles of Google Stadia is Destiny 2: The Collection, and today has received one of its biggest updates with the arrival of "Season of Dawn". With the arrival of the new season, console players were forced to install version 2.7.0 of the game, which came with a total size of 4GB.

Google Stadia Destiny 2

Google Stadia lets players jump right into the new Destiny 2 season

In addition to the usual wait time required to install the update on consoles, many users on PlayStation 4 have already complained that they cannot install the update. Apparently, the console requires 80GB of available space to install the 4GB file.

For Google Stadia users, they have completely experienced the opposite. One of the wonders of this type of cloud gaming platform is that gamers do not need to update their games as they receive instant updates on the service's servers.

Cloud gaming lets you play not only wherever you want, but also whenever you want

One of the great promises of Google Stadia is to allow gamers to enjoy their favorite titles from anywhere, using virtually all of their devices. However, it is also important to mention that they can do so whenever they want.

As a console user for many years, I've lost track of the times I turned on my Xbox or PlayStation to play a certain title and couldn't do it. Many times it takes several minutes for an update to be made.

Many times, if you haven't played a game for a long time, you may even have to wait a long time thanks to the many updates you need to make.

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