Google is about to unveil its new smartphone. Everything indicates that the company will unveil the Google Pixel 4a. A budget smartphone but with interesting features.

The disclosure information was not exactly normal. Manufacturers usually post a photo on the Internet with the date of development of the new product and it’s done.

Google Pixel 4a reveal date published as a puzzle

Google Pixel 4a

Google went a step further. First he published an article that looked more like an example of a website. With the typical Latin text “lorem ipsum”, however, if you look closely the text is not standard.

Google Pixel 4a

Also because it tells us “longlastingis batterum” (long battery life) with “English Latin” or even “lowlightena capturum” (low light capture) for your main camera.

But before you see the presentation date, you need to figure out the puzzle. That is, you have to click on the gray rectangles in order to give the color of the Google logo.

To make it easier, you just need to have the following pattern: “blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red”. As soon as you insert these colors in the rectangles you will see the page come to life and show the date August 3.

What we know about Google Pixel 4a

The rumors refer that the terminal will arrive to fight in the segment of intermediaries. The terminal is expected to arrive even to fight with the OnePlus Nord.

However, as we know Google, we are not expected to give us an OLED screen with a biometric sensor like the OnePlus Nord. It is also not expected that the terminal will offer us multiple chambers.

In turn, the value of the Google Pixel 4a is expected to be around 300 €. That is, a smartphone with pure Android at a price much more affordable than the rest of the market.

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