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Google search will finally help you find key moments in videos

Google search will finally help you find key moments in videos

Over the past few years, the way we search for content on the Internet has changed dramatically, making it increasingly easy for us to get as much detail as possible to find what we really want. There are several tools that help you search for text, images, and even audio content.

However, until now there was no tool that could effectively search for specific moments in videos. But, Google has just released a new update to its search engine that will correct this shortcoming.

Google Search Videos

Google makes it much easier to find what you're really looking for in videos.

According to an article published on its official blog, Google Search is now able to organize and present users with key moments within videos. This will allow you to find the most important moments within videos, related to search terms.

A good example of situations where this feature might be extremely useful is "How to" videos. These videos typically consist of several distinct steps, which makes it easy to identify the exact moment that was searched by the user.

However, it is important to note that Google Search has not received any artificial intelligence functionality that can autonomously analyze, interpret and organize video content.

This new implementation is based on the timestamps registered by the creators, where the content addressed in each segment of the video is identified.

New functionality will take some time to be really useful

During this early phase, links to key video moments will only appear for English searches and exclusively for YouTube videos. Certainly over time, the functionality will expand to other languages.

In addition, we will also need to wait for the various creators to start using these timestamps in a standardized way. Only in this way will Google Search really be able to present relevant information for any video search.

For example, news or sports sites may take full advantage of this new feature. During football games there are numerous highlights that can easily be identified using timestamps.

Thus, when searching for "Ronaldo's goal against Spain", you will be presented with the link to this exact moment, which will probably be part of a video of the best moments of that game.

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