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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4: New 'All Terrain' Discreetly Officialized

The official listing of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today revealed to us a new device....

Tablets: Lenovo and Huawei register the biggest market growth

Canalys, a market research company, published the second quarter 2020 (Q2) market share results on tablets....

How to watch and take advantage of Amazon Prime Video on your Smart TV

How to download Prime Video on your Smart TV The first thing you should know about this streaming content service is how to get it...

OnePlus Launcher updated with lots of news for your Android

OnePlus Launcher was placed in the Google Play store a few months ago so that it...

Google search: new functionality is just amazing! Goodbye music stranded on the head!

Google has unveiled a new Google Search feature that is probably one of the best so far. You have that song in your head but you don’t know the lyrics or who sings.

The only thing you can do for friends is the typical “hummm hummm na na na na”. Hopefully, someone will understand the music you’re talking about at the rhythm. Otherwise, you will have it on your head for a few days.

New Google Search functionality can identify “huns and na na na”

Well, Google decided to bring a new feature to Google Search that will help you get the damn song out of your head. An authentic “hum na na na” Shazam. Or, if whistling is your concrete rhythm, you can also do it.

Everything happens due to Artificial Intelligence

Google said that “Machine learning” is largely responsible for this achievement. The tempo is sent to Google’s servers and searches millions of songs in a few moments to give you the concrete answer.

Google search

We still don’t know when the new feature will reach our Google Search on your smartphone or PC. We only know that Google already feels confident in its bride functionality to show it to the world. Therefore, we want to believe that it is a matter of time before it reaches all users.

As much as I want to see more competitors on the front line and competing with Google Apps, the truth is that it is not that simple. The search engines are considerably inferior and Apps like Google Maps and YouTube remain, in my opinion, without a real competitor.

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