Google wants to make it clearer where the links on each page will take you. And so this week added icons to Search in the desktop version. The interface that was previously clean, now has icons identifying each page.

This is a graphical change that took place on the mobile version of Google in May last year. To get a sense of the differences, I leave you below an image that compares the interface with and without icons.

The changes of Google Search in the mobile version

The truth is that you cannot understand how this change can change our browsing experience. It’s okay that the website icons are identifiable, but they don’t warn you about the reputation of the source itself.

Search icons in the desktop version

Ads are identified by their own icon

A positive point is that the ads (ads, in English) are marked with the word “Ad”, which turns out to be one of the few advantages of this novelty. This is because we have a clear idea that we will be clicking on an ad.

Site owners will be able to indicate if they have a favorite icon that they want to appear next to their searches, which turns out to be interesting. Visually, it is not something I like as a user.

While identifying, these icons also appear to be intrusive. They do not add much value to our research, and they do not give us clues to the credibility of a particular website before we click on it.

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