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Google search changes the design on certain searches! See how it is now!

Google Search is the most widely used search engine worldwide. Therefore, it is nothing new for anyone that there is a certain enthusiasm whenever there is a change in design.

Although past changes have not been very relevant, this is probably one of the most pronounced. Now, in certain searches, your “header” will change depending on your search.

How is the new Google Search

Google search

For example, if you search for “flower ideas” or “exercise ideas”, you can see that the top of the search gives you an image at the bottom of your search.

However, this happens only when looking for images of that search. That is, when you are in a normal search, everything should remain the same. That way, users will be able to perceive more concretely that what they are looking for are images. Not only, this new design also gives Google Search a new look. A design change that has long been called for.

Since Google Search is Google’s most important product, any changes are made with extreme care. From the links from green to blue and then to black. Everything here is designed to create even more interaction.

When will the new design arrive in Google Search

We still don’t know when the new Google Search design will reach all users. It seems that only a few users are experiencing these changes.

In other words, we can see that it is still at an early stage and nothing guarantees us that it will move on. Still, it seems to me a change that will be welcomed by users.

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