Google reveals Android 11 website but deletes it almost immediately


Picked up by AndroidPolice, the website of the upcoming mobile operating system, Android 11, was published by Google. The site would be the Android 11 Developer Preview page, the beta version for developers that Google always releases so that the operating system can be tested.

The site contains some information regarding Android 11 news. However, it is more relevant information for programmers as privacy options to include in applications and system behaviors that may affect the app.


However, the publication of the site was a mistake on the part of Google, as the company withdrew the site, almost immediately after publishing it. The original link now refers only to the Android page. However, internet rules dictate that once published, it will exist forever.

Therefore, this “mistake” by Google may mean that the launch of the Beta version of Android 11 is imminent. It would, however, be a launch ahead of time, as Google usually announces this kind of news closer to Google I / O, the event that will take place in May.

What to expect from Android 11

Although it is still early, there are some new features that will certainly be part of Google’s next mobile operating system. One of them is the floating conversation bubbles, similar to Facebook Messenger. This feature is being tested in Google Messaging.

Additionally, there is an expectation that Android 11 will finally remove the 4GB limit on video recording. We also have Dark Mode with the possibility to program the activation time and 62 new emojis on the way, when the operating system is launched.

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