Home Android Google promises RCS (future of SMS) soon! In UK only Vodafone offers!

Google promises RCS (future of SMS) soon! In UK only Vodafone offers!

Google promises RCS (future of SMS) soon! In UK only Vodafone offers!

Google has publicly said it is about to make an effort with carriers to implement RCS on a daily basis.

In short, RCS are the future of SMS. The service is based on little data and gives us encryption of data and sending images, audio and video without sending an SMS.


That is, it's basically a WhatsApp, Messenger or even iMessage for everyone. In UK, only Vodafone offers this type of service. MEO and NOS remain silent regarding this new possibility.

RCS is the future of SMS and operators don't care!

We'd love to work with our US carrier partners on RCS. Trying !!!! PS: RCS now fully rolled out in UK and FR. Next wave of countries soon.

– Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer) July 27, 2019

The Verge editor posted a tweet in which he complained that US operators (like the UK's) are more concerned with the rapid implementation of 5G rather than looking closely at technologies like RCS. Technology that works, doesn't need much money for implementation and will greatly improve users' daily lives.

The Google executive quickly responded that the company is already working in the UK and France to fully implement and that more countries will bring this technology. Unfortunately, nothing is said of UK. Learn more about RCS and what the future of SMS will look like in our detailed article.

Vodafone, take off your hat!

Therefore, I end with a praise to Vodafone UK for its implementation. Vodafone users can now use the typical "messaging" application to send any type of file. Meanwhile, MEO and NOS remain fascinated with 5G, which is still far from cheap to reach the end consumer.

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