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Google prepares to streamline Android updates

Google prepares to streamline Android updates

The folks at 9to5 Google recently discovered pieces of code that suggest a change in the way Android installs updates. According to what is revealed, the system will be able to reboot and install everything needed without your intervention.

As things stand today, there is one last step that is only done after you enter your PIN or unlock pattern. This usually happens when we see the message "Android is updating".


In this step, what the operating system does is clear the cache of applications installed on the smartphone. Something that cannot be done without your permission, for security reasons.

Android will temporarily save your PIN or pattern before upgrade

So that the process described above can be done without your intervention, Android will save the necessary data before the update. The sole purpose will be to unlock what is necessary to complete the upgrade.

It appears that this PIN storage or unlock pattern will be temporary. Still, it is only natural that some data security concerns arise, as this will be done automatically.

All this so that security or system upgrades can be performed faster. This will allow your Android smartphone to install updates at night and everything is ready to go when you wake up in the morning.

When will this feature reach users?

For now, we have no indication of when this function might reach users. But given its size, Android 11 appears as the main candidate to receive it.

If so, it will not be until next year that users will start to take advantage of this new feature. This, of course, if your smartphone has been covered with this version of the operating system.

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