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Google prepares design news for Google Maps! Dark Mode everywhere!

Google prepares design news for Google Maps! Dark Mode everywhere!

Google Maps is one of the most valuable apps on Google. This is certainly why the company takes a serious look at its updates and improvements.

According to the Google Maps application in Beta mode, the company is preparing to launch more possibilities in the application's Dark Mode. I remember that the Google Maps map already has "Dark Mode" functionality, however, the rest of the User Interface is still "pale".

Google Maps new design

Google Maps design changes are in sight

The bugs of the new beta are still many, but we get the idea of ​​Google's goal with the new design. The application will change the tone of the buttons from white to black.

Google Maps

It is hoped that this is not the only news. By the way, with the black buttons, what will the background look like? White? It does not seem to us. However, there is still no concrete information about the new changes and we will have to wait for the new beta updates to realize what the goal will be.

All in all, the design changes may not seem like much at the moment, however, it seems that the entire menu will be seriously scrubbed for better implementation of Dark Mode throughout the application.

Google Maps is an increasingly interesting application.

Google Maps new design

If you only use the app to travel to places you don't know, you're missing out on good news. I often open Google Maps just to have a recommendation of places to dine or even events that are taking place at that time.

Needless to say, Google knows almost everything about you (far more than you think). This is certainly why my Google Maps recommendations are almost always positive. I have known good restaurants due to the application and still today I am fascinated by how well you know me.

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