Google announced today that it is submitting an update to Google Podcasts with a new design. In addition, the app was finally launched for iOS, and iPhone, iPad or iPod users can now take advantage of the podcast app.

Most iOS users use Spotify or Apple Music. However, this move will help Google define itself as a legitimate competitor to established apps, with regard to podcast platforms.

What’s new in the new Google Podcasts design

New Google Podcasts interface on iOS
  • Main interface with 3 simple tabs: Discovery, Explore and Activity
  • Automatic download of user’s favorite episodes
  • New episode notifications

In this way, the app interface has only 3 tabs. The main screen shows the content to which the user is already subscribed, with a feed of new episodes that can be played right away.

The second tab, called “Explore” is simply where the recommendations are. The Google algorithm works in this section to understand the type of content most consumed by the user, in order to recommend similar podcasts.

Finally, we have the “Activity” where users can monitor the history of views, downloads, subscriptions and playlists.

Google Podcasts wants to compete with Spotify

Despite being used mostly for music, Spotify has made a major investment to legitimize the platform for podcasts as well. Google also wants to capitalize on this market, hence the design and function changes in Google Podcasts. The “news” that Google introduced in Podcasts already existed on Spotify.

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