The Google Play Store has much more to offer than just apps and games for your smartphone. In addition, you have also integrated Google Play Books, Music and Movies. However, the latter offer does not have the same format as the traditional streaming services.

Instead of streaming, it presents itself more like a classic video club, where users can rent or buy movies. Now, new information points to the possibility that Google will make a large number of films available on the Google Play Store totally free.

Google Play Store Netflix

The information was discovered by the XDA Developers team, who found several lines of code in the latest APK where reference is made to new implementations. Basically, this new feature will come under the name “Free, with advertising”, with one line referring to “hundreds of films, just a few ads”.

Google Play Movies APK

Google Play Store may be able to present itself as an alternative to Netflix

It is hard to believe that the Google Play Store (Play Movies) manages to pose itself as a serious threat to services like Netflix. However, it may be able to achieve a serious alternative position. Especially for all users who just want to watch a sporadic movie, without having to subscribe monthly.

There is still no information on the type / format of advertising that may be implemented in the films, but it is guaranteed to be a service to consider.

For now, it is not possible to confirm whether this new advertising format will be applied to the entire library available on Google Play Movies, or whether it will only be available on certain films. One thing is for sure, if Google wants to make its service appealing again, it should bet on applying advertising across its library.

Another interesting step that Google could take would be to introduce series to its library. If it were possible to implement the same strategy of free content with implementation of advertising, it would have serious possibilities of becoming extremely popular.

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