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Google Play Store: 11 Free games among the most popular right now!
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Start the weekend with this list of 30 temporarily free Apps for your Android

Welcome to Saturday, my favorite day of the whole weekend. Time to wake up late, rest, reflection or fun. Time to enjoy another list of 30 Android Apps, all free for a limited time. All of them already waiting for you in the Google Play Store!

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The following list of temporarily free Apps has been compiled by the folks at androidpolice and given its rigor and usefulness to the reader we decided to make known these temporary opportunities to try most of these Apps.

Please note that the period for which these Android Apps remain free will vary from case to case. However, most of them will be free only during the weekend so be a good friend and share or identify who needs one of these apps or Android Apps.

All of these apps are hosted on the Google Play Store and now, for a limited time, they will all be free for your Android device for at least a few hours / days.

Free Android Apps on Google Play Store

  1. Fast Camera – Free HD Camera Lite for 5 days

  2. Interview Genius Free for 5 days

  3. Shortcuts Creator App – Free Shortcuts Master Pro App for 6 Days

  4. Business Calculator Pro Free for 6 days

  5. Decimal to Fraction Pro Free for 6 days

  6. GPS Distance meter PRO Free for 6 days

  7. Free Handy List for 6 days

  8. Logarithm Calculator Pro Free for 6 days

  9. Matrix Determinant Pro Free for 6 days

  10. Free QR Code Reader PRO for 7 days

Games in the Play Store

  1. TA: Little Red Riding Hood Free for 5 days

  2. 4×4 Safari Pro Free for 7 days

  3. Galaxy Defense – Free Strategy Game for 7 days

  4. Survival Island: Creative Mode Free for 7 days

  5. Zombie Fortress: Trophy Pro Free for 7 days

Android Personalization Icons & Packs

  1. Chicago 3D Pro live wallpaper free for 1 day

  2. Praos – Free 1 Day Icon Pack

  3. Retrome Free Wallpapers for 1 day

  4. Rewun – Free 1 Day Icon Pack

  5. Velur – Free 1 Day Icon Pack

  6. Axis Icon Pack Free for 2 days

  7. KAIP Material Icon Pack Free for 5 days

  8. Tibet 3D Pro Free for 5 days

  9. Ancient Street 3D LWP Free for 6 days

  10. GO Locker Sonic Free for 6 days

  11. Hamster Power! Free Live Wallpaper for 6 days

  12. Japanese Geisha Doll 3D Free for 6 days

  13. Regix – Free 6 Day Icon Pack

  14. Thanksgiving Animated Clock 3D Free for 6 days

  15. Watch Phase – Watch Face Free for 6 days

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I hope some of these Apps in the tip of the day will be helpful and allow you to get the most out of your Android device. After all, it's the apps that make our smartphones truly smart and our inseparable companions!

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