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Google Play Store: Remove this app that has been downloaded over 40 million NOW

Google Play Store: Remove this app that has been downloaded over 40 million NOW

The app Snaptube, which is no longer in the Google Play store, is back in the limelight for bad reasons. The application was designed to give users the opportunity to download videos from Youtube and Facebook, however, what the App did was much more than that.

According to information from Upstream researchers, the application could (and has managed for some users) to subscribe to Premium services without their own consent or knowledge.

In addition, it delivered non-visible advertisements and "clicks" on those advertisements. I remember that the user was still without any knowledge of the cause. According to the Upstream executive, his security measures have prevented more than 70 million fraudulent transactions. Whether in alleged subscriptions or "ghost" clicks.


App is withdrawn from Google Play Store

In a Google Play Store search, we see that the app is no longer available, but it is worrying that the app achieved a mass of considerable downloads before it was deleted. Brazil was one of the countries where the application was most prominent.

I remember that even if Google deletes the app from the Google Play store, the app won't leave your smartphone until you delete it. That is, if you have this application, or know someone who has it, the best thing to do is to delete the App as soon as possible.

Snaptube has officially talked about it

Snaptube executives have already pointed out that the problem has been identified and that they claim that they too were victims. They indicate that they used a known SDK named "Mango" and that this SDK was the source of the problem.

Snaptube spokesman referred to Tech Crunch "We didn't realize that Mango was conducting fraudulent activities, which brought us a huge loss in brand reputation."

We only have to know to what extent they did not know about the situation since at the end of the day they profited considerably from it. Hopefully, Google will begin to take more serious action with apps entering the Google Play Store.

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