Home Android Google Play Store: Remove these 2 apps that are making your smartphone slow now

Google Play Store: Remove these 2 apps that are making your smartphone slow now

Google Play Store: Remove these 2 apps that are making your smartphone slow now

I like to say that the Google Play Store is a magical place. It is thanks to the applications that our smartphone is smart. However, not all developers are in business to make life easier for users.

These two applications not only have Adware (hidden advertising) but also blows up the autonomy of your smartphone as internet data.

Apps had over 1.5 Million downloads on Google Play Store

Affected apps on your smartphone in the Google Play store

Apps named "Idea Note: OCR Text Scanner, GTD, Color Notes" and "Beuty Fitness: Daily Workout, Best HIIT Coach" are the Apps responsible for such issues.

According to information from ArsTechnica these Apps had adware installed and were removed from the Google Play Store for defrauding the way they made money.

However, even removing them from the Google Play Store doesn't mean they leave your smartphone. That is, you will have to delete them manually to be protected.

What these apps were doing to your smartphone

Google Play Store 2 apps remove from smartphone

Simply put, these Apps opened advertising without your seeing. Soon after they simulated the click on this advertising and were a few seconds on its page. All this without your having any idea what was going on.

It was also reported that applications would release notifications as soon as they were installed and after clicking on that notification such a magic would happen.

The developers were removed and banned from the Google Play Store along with all of their apps, but as I mentioned, you may still have them on your smartphone.

Google is still looking for apps with these problems, and the problem is that they are not easy to find. Developers have been able to hide code and invent new ways to fool Google's automated process. Certainly this is why these developers are usually caught by users who consider strange smartphone behavior as soon as they install Apps.

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