The Google Play Store has more than 3 million applications, which are spread across all categories you can imagine. However, this sea of ​​applications can quickly become a nightmare for users, featuring a lot of poor quality content and often putting users at risk.

In order to facilitate the selection of applications by users, the Google Play Store is receiving a new update in its look. From now on, the search results will start to present information about classification, number of downloads and also the size of the App.

Additions to the interface will make it easier to find quality apps on the Google Play Store

This implementation is very simple and may even go unnoticed by many users. However, for the most attentive, it can be a very useful tool when you are searching for new applications to install on your smartphone.

Google Play Store interface

As you can see in the image, under the short description of the application, you will be able to find the average of ratings, size of the application and total number of downloads. In this way, you will be able to eliminate dubious applications immediately, which could put your privacy at risk.

In this way, you will also be able to identify potential low quality applications. Often, an application may already have several million downloads leading to believe that it is very popular. However, your ratings may tell an entirely different story.

As usual with these small implementations, it is not automatically available when you update the application to its latest version. Google is making the news available through its servers, being launched in a phased manner for users.

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