Home Android Google Play Store prepares to receive design news (APK download)

Google Play Store prepares to receive design news (APK download)

Google Play Store prepares to receive design news (APK download)

The Google Play Store is set to reveal a new design to us in your transitions. The new APK comes with the implementations, however, no wonder if you still don't feel the difference. This is because, it seems, this implementation will be gradual.

That is, all parts are already in place for the new design to be activated, but it may take some time for Google to do so. For now the most important is to have the new version installed.

What changes will be made

In the 9to5Google video above, we can see that installing an app will be slightly different than it is right now. The buttons give us a slightly different and slightly more futuristic animation. Application icons and "pages" are also slightly different.

Google Play Store APK

We also have the news that videos, just like on Youtube, will start playing automatically. That is, every time you enter an application that has a video as a presentation, that video will start playing without sound until you open it to watch more closely.

Please note that this reproduction may (and should) have implications for users' mobile internet. Therefore, it should be noted that you will be able to disable this feature.

Install Google Play Store APK v16.0.15

Installing the app in APK format is simple, but take every step of the way to make sure you do it well. First click on the icon below to download the application. The Play Store APK in this case is hosted on Google Drive.

Download here version 16.0.15 from Play Store

Google Play Store APK

Then click to download the application and wait a few seconds. The application will be downloaded and you will be notified when the process is complete.

Then click on this notification. Give Google Drive permission to install APK on your smartphone and follow the typical "next" and "update".

Be careful where you install the APKs. Needless to say, this is a way for malware to enter your smartphone. Our APK that we provide above, has been downloaded on the Mirror APK and scanned for possible malware. Everything was as expected (clean) and safe to be installed.

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