Google Play Store no longer shows notifications for apps that have been updated

Play store

A Google spokesman confirmed to the Android Police publication a new “feature” in the Play Store. From now on, the app store will stop showing notifications for apps that have just been updated.

Until now, whenever an application was updated, a notification was shown that this update was completed. Until news to the contrary, this will no longer be shown to users. So if you already realize this absence, do not think that the problem is your smartphone.

Play store

The indication that the update is being downloaded will continue to appear in the notification bar. However, once this process is completed, nothing else will appear. It is as if nothing has happened.

Users were convinced it would just be a bug.

This news came to light after complaints from several users. Forums such as Reddit, Google Support, OnePlus and others were flooded with reports of the absence of this notification, and the complainants thought it was a bug.

Faced with this “alarmism” and consequent media coverage, Google thought it right to clarify things. After all, all of this has been purposeful and if, for some reason, you don’t like the news, there’s not much to do.

To be honest, I don’t think this news is bad news. It was interesting to have the indication that a particular application had completed its update, but that notification added nothing much.

From this side I can confirm that after completing the update of an app no ​​notification is shown for what happened. For me, this is no problem. The important thing is that applications continue to be updated as they were until now.

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