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WhatsApp for Android and iOS gets the long-awaited Dark Mode

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Google Play Store: new feature will save you work!

The Google Play Store is a magical place with millions of applications that make your smartphone something you can’t leave home without. However, there is room for improvement. It is with this mentality that new functionality arrives.

According to the code of the next updates from the Google Play Store, picked up by the XDA staff, the Apps store is preparing to automatically install games and Apps that you have registered.

Google Play Store will automatically install Apps where you register

Google Play Store

You have certainly seen applications that have not yet come out and that you can register to be notified when they become available. Well, like me, many users even mark the warning but when the notification arrives it is not the best time of the day to install Apps.

In the next updates from the Google Play Store, when you register for an application, it will automatically install on your smartphone as soon as it is available.

That way, you won’t have to go back to the Google Play Store again, search for the app (if you deleted the notification) and install. Furthermore, you will know that you will never forget to install an application that you were interested in a while ago.

Google needs to solve more problems in the Google Play Store

While these updates are well received by the community, I still think that Google has more important resolutions to make. Namely the huge amount of Apps that have Spyware, Adware or malware.

Almost every week we have a list of Apps that, in one way or another, try to take advantage of the user’s ingenuity. In many cases, leaving their security fragile.

Google, unlike Apple, does not manually review the applications and updates that are published in its Apps store and I believe, given the size of the problem, that it is time for this to change.

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