Google Play Store: Install the new app version here

Google Play Store: Install the new app version here

Google Play Store: Install the new app version hereThe Google Play Store, like another app, also has its updates. If you expect the new version to arrive via normal update (via OTA) it may always take a while, however, to remedy this.

That way, if you always want updates on time, nothing better than following EBox. Like you, I also have the OCD to update everything and anything.

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So let's install the new version of the Google Play store. From what I can see, this is one more version just like so many others. That is, we have exactly the same design and categories. That is, the updates are focused on bug fixes. Still, I find it relevant that you install the application so that you have a smooth terminal.

New version 12.6.12 from Google Play Store is here

In order to install the new update you only need to have Google Drive installed. Click on the google play store logo down here and wait a few seconds. Right after joining Drive click "Download" and wait a few more moments.

Google Play Store Android APK

Once downloaded, follow the typical "next" and "install" instructions. It's important that you have security on your smartphone, so we can confirm that this app is encrypted by Google.

New update 12.6.12 on here

Sexiest application

Finally, you don't have to do anything else. The application is installed on the latest version. You can go through the application settings and see that the version "12.6.12" is actually installed.

Since you are here, take the opportunity to install the EBox application as well. Even if you already have it, confirm that you have the latest version and of course, confirm that you leave your review on the Google Play Store.

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