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PlayStation 5: Devkit's first real image revealed in video

The image was unveiled exclusively by the Zone of Tech Youtube channel. We're given a real...

EBox how to install Application transfer data using SD card USB drive Android

  EBox how to install Application transfer data using SD card USB drive Android Do you find it easy to use an SD card USB drive...

PlayStation 5: leak reveals DualShock 5 controller design

This Saturday a picture of PlayStation 5 was shared on Twitter that quickly caused a stir...

Vodafone reveals information about security holes in Huawei devices

According to Bloomberg, Vodafone Italy found that infrastructure equipment had serious security holes. These hidden backdoors...

Google Play Store has a new version! Download APK here

The Google Play Store is one of the most important apps on your smartphone. In this sense, nothing better than making sure that the repository of other Apps is free of bugs, malware or any other kind of problems.

Like any other application, the Google Play Store also needs to be updated. Therefore, nothing better than doing so once this possibility exists.

Google Play Store New APK

You can expect the update to arrive via "normal" (aka OTA), or you can anticipate this update by installing the APK.

The new version of the Google Play Store with the number 14.3.20 officially came out today and it is now possible to install it. The changes do not seem significant, however, are enough to correct problems of the previous version. By the way, the previous version came out on April 3rd and was not written here because I felt serious bugs and crashes. The application simply closed at the time of installation of any application. However, I only felt it on Xiaomi smartphones.

New Google Play Store version 14.3.20 is ready to install

The new version fixed this problem. At least that's what it sounds like. The new version is quick to install, however if you have never done so follow the instructions below.

How to install APK from Google Play Store

First connect to Wi-Fi and click below to download the application. Then follow the steps below. It's simple and fast to update by APK.

Download the latest APK here

Download APK Google Play Store

Download the most beautiful application in history

4gnews Google Play Store App

  • Click on the Google Play Store icon above
  • Download APK
  • Click the "Downloaded" notification
  • Give Drive permission to install APK (if it's your first time)
  • Continue with "next" and "install"
  • It's done!

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Google TV is in trouble when it stops supporting Netflix content!

The new Google TV interface, which debuted with the launch of the new Chromecast, presented itself...

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