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One of the most pitiless weekends is approaching for our wallets, pantries, attics or the place where you usually keep the boxes of new products. Black Friday is coming, and it's time to enjoy the lull before the coming storm. To do this, we bring you a new list of Apps, all of them free. All of them in the Google Play Store, the official Android store.

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This week, exceptionally, we have another list of apps that are now temporarily free. That's right, for the time indicated in front of each of these apps you can download them to your Android.

Then, when this period is over, they stay on your device so you can enjoy them for as long as you feel like it. This way, thanks also to the AndroidPolice, we give the reader the chance to have all of these apps for free.

15 Temporarily Free Android Apps on Google Play Store

I remind you that they are all present on the official Android store, the Google Play Store, so you can download and install each one with relative security and confidence.

We also take the opportunity to put the overall rating of Apps to make your choice easier in the following list. You will also find the average duration of the opportunities. That said, enjoy while all these Apps are free!

The personalizability of the Android operating system is one of its biggest assets against the competition, Apple's iOS and while each has its pros and cons, there's no doubt that with a simple theme / launcher or icon pack we can transform our Android. This is not the case in the Apple ecosystem.

Free apps for your Android:

  1. Battery Bar: Energy Bars on Status Bar Free for 5 days – 4.4 star rating

  2. Memorize Everything Me Free for 5 days – 3.7 star rating

  3. Digits Free for 7 Days – 4.0 star rating

Games on Google Play Store:

  1. Aliensome: 1 2 3 Find It! Free for 2 days – 4.1 star rating

  2. CELL 13 – Platform Portal Puzzle Free for 2 days – 4.5 star rating

  3. FoxyLand | Premium Free for 3 days – 4.7 star rating

  4. Multiplication Math Game Free for 5 days – 3.8 star rating

  5. Minesweeper Pro Free for 6 days – 4.2 star rating

  6. Preschool Math Trainer 6-Day Free – 4.4 star rating

  7. Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball Free for 6 days – 4.1 star rating

Personalization Icons and Packs:

  1. Gold Icons Pro -Cool Icon Pack Free for 3 hours – 4.5 star rating

  2. Sign for Spotify – Spotify Widgets and Shortcuts Free for 3 hours – 4.5 star rating

  3. Fantasy World 3D LWP Free for 2 days – 4.7 star rating

  4. MIUI 9 Icon Pack & Wallpapers Free for 3 days – 4.3 star rating

  5. Free Infinite S8 Icon Pack for 6 days – 4.6 star rating

This new list is full of highly rated Apps, with one or the other exception. Generally, with 4 stars or more. This gives readers a good opportunity to try all of these otherwise paid apps.

I hope you find the ones you are looking for the most. Here are themes, icon packs – highlighting the MIUI 9 icon pack here if you want to make your Android look more like a Xiaomi device. Themes abound, icon packs don't either!

I personally liked FoxyLand, a 4.7-star rated game on the Google Play Store that seems like a great option to cheer up the weekend that lies ahead. We also have a classic, the Minesweeper for the most homesick.

Of all these free apps on Google Play Store, which one is your favorite? Do you have any App you would like to see on this list if you are a developer / developer for Android?

Let us know what you think below in the comments section and see you in the next list of Free Apps for the Android platform.

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